Complex materials machining

CEA is looking for advanced manufacturing equipments to robotize its machining operations.
Following unsatisfactory tests of off-the-shelf solutions, Nimbl’bot and CEA joined forces to develop a robot dedicated to precision machining. The first results are expected in 2021. Interested? Let’s talk about it!

NB – 120

Client : CEA

Expectations :

  • Surface roughness : 3,2<Ra<10 – ISO 25178
  • General tolerances : cl – ISO2768

Nimbl’bot’s contribution : The NB-120

Prototype equiped with a 1.5 kW spindle

Workspace : 1x1x1 m3

Velocity : to be determined

Software : CNC HMI with G-CODE program

CEA’s contribution

Expertise in machining

High accuracy metrology capabilities

Comparative results from machining tools

We are looking for partners for a use case

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